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VOMIT REMNANTS Indefensible Vehemence LP/CD

15.00 - On Sale

Limited 30 T-shirts (Gildan) Only with MIX + Poster
Limited Edition
First time on VINYL !
2 colors LP Black 150 cop and Yellow 50 cop !
Digipack CD 200 copies !
Fans of the well-forgotten old should like this release by COYOTE RECORDS! The reissue of the second mini-album "Indefensible Vehemence" by Japanese death metal legend VOMIT REMNANTS, supplemented by two early demos of the band: "In The Name Of Vomit" (1997) and "Brutally Violated" (1998). Needless to say, this release will be a great purchase for both old fans of the band and for newcomers who will be able to appreciate the various milestones of the band's creativity! It is also noteworthy that the album will be released both as a familiar CD-digipack and on vinyl!