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BRODEQUIN - The Sound Of Torture - LP's/Box/Merch

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BRODEQUIN - The Sound Of Torture - LP's Box Set
3 Lp,s + T-shirt+A3 Poster+Logo Patch+Pin

BRODEQUIN Instruments of Torture
Black LP
White LP
Black and White Splattered LP
A1 Spinning In Agony
A2 Soothsayer
A3 Ambrosia
A4 The Virgin Of Nuremberg
A5 Duke Of Exeter
A6 Infested With Worms
B7 Burnt In Effigy
B8 Strappado
B9 Hollow
B10 Feast Of Flesh
B11 From The Anatomical Deeps
B12 The Garotte

BRODEQUIN Festival of Death
Black LP
Orange LP
Orange and White Splattered LP
A1 Mazzatello
A2 Judas Cradle
A3 Trial By Ordeal
A4 Torches Of Nero
A5 Vivum Excoriari
A6 Lake Of The Dead
B7 Blood Of The Martyr
B8 Gilles De Rais
B9 Flow Of Maggots
B10 Bronze Bowl
B11 Auto De Fa

BRODEQUIN Methods of Execution
Black LP
Yellow LP
Black and Yellow Splattered LP
A1 Slaves To The Pyre
A2 The Gridiron
A3 The Red Theatre
A4 Pressing To Plead
A5 Tyburn Field
A6 Durance Vile
B1 Lingering Existence
B2 Cast Into Torment
B3 Verdrinken
B4 Punishment Without Mercy
B5 Methods Of Execution