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:TREMOR Chantera Pas DIGI CD

Image of :TREMOR Chantera Pas DIGI CD

$12.00 - On Sale

:TREMOR Chantera pas Digi CD Rus COY 109-12

Did you ever hear the real Сhanson Grind Metal from Russia ? No? So shut the fuckup, make it louder and enjoy!

01. ZinaKanava V
02. Chantera Pas
03. Red Igelkott
04. Finka
05. Curly Folk Fun
06. Lenin Dolby Digitail
07. The Proletarian’s Teeth
08. Zubi Zolotiya (IndustrialRock Mix by Virt 2010)
09. A Nurse, Red Cross and Anus Medicine
10. Desensitized
11. Bourgeois LubriCunt
12. Lida Solves
13. Ni Marie Ni Curie
14. Conquer All
15.* Hidden Track – Mikhalich Requiem
16.** Super Hidden Track – Crab