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12.00 - On Sale

Limited Digipack with 16 page booklet! 300 copies!
Limited TAPE with 10 page booklet and Slipcase ! 50 copies!
TUNEFORCE Records presents the new album "Epic" by the international star project VLTIMAS, led by the legendary David Vincent (MORBID ANGEL), as well as with the participation of former musicians CRYPTOPSY and MAYHEM! The band's music is a very melodic and at the same time eclectic material, the stylistic affiliation of which we suggest you determine! It is absolutely certain that the band's music is designed for a wide range of listeners and covers a wide range of genres of heavy music (from heavy to thrash and a little death metal)! The high quality of the material is beyond doubt, as well as the fact that if you are not limited to one or two genres of heavy music and are ready for something new, then this release is definitely for you!
License Season Of Mist