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TRIGGER Back to the roots CD/Digi CD/Tape/Merch Out Now !!!

12.00 - On Sale

TRIGGER Back to the roots CD/Digi CD/Tape COY 250-21
Russian meat-manufacturers well known by their natural products! Meat processing plant TRIGGER will prove this fact by their forth long play “Back to the roots”! Ferroconcrete riffs with oozing blood with grinding veins and bones unmerciful drums and deepest growl by Siberian brown bear ! All this stuff is strongly recommended for fans of TRIGGER first of all, fans of SIX FEET UNDER, OBITUARY, OBSCENITY and many other traditional death metal bands! 15 September 2021 on Coyote Records!
releases September 15, 2021

1. Situation is Tense
2. Back to the Roots
3. Rejection of Reality
4. Alcoholic Slavery
5. No More Lies
6. Expulsion of Pain
7. Blood Terror
8. Crystal Lake
9. Worn and Torn
10. Vomiting Flame

Produced by Trigger

Recorded, mixed and mastered by
Anatoliy Vladimirov in
Death Tone Studio, Arzamas

Drums recorded in
A2 Studio, Nizhniy Novgorod by
Artur Parfenov

Music and lyrics by
Artem Mozhaev

Cover art by
Aziz Blcxstry

Logo art by
Alexander AD 174 Dobrinin

Design by
Artem Mozhaev

Photos by
Marsel Kuryachyeva (MARSO)

Guest solos ("Situation Is Tense", "Worn and Torn", "Vomiting Flame") by
Alexey Tebekin (Monsalvat)

Trigger are:
Artem Mozhaev - guitars
Ulyana Andreeva - bass
Ramin Dragar - vox
Vladimir Malakhov - drums