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TENSION PROPHECY - Riot of Sacrificers CD

Image of TENSION PROPHECY - Riot of Sacrificers CD

$10.00 - On Sale

The material for debut full length album «Riot of Sacrificers» has been written by guys in Iran, and it’s similar to caresses of the swarty concubine. Your cock will salute standing with the first riffs! Simultaneously severe and progressive death of Persians without viagra will make excited those who remembers heritage of NECROPHAGIST, LOST SOUL and YATTERING. An album for admirers not banal sex, but refined process on silk black bed-sheets …

1.Lasting for All Time (Intro)
2.Pretension Until Death
3.Homicidal Premonitions
4.Unleash the Fury
5.Deadly Orison
6.Contemplate Before Killing (Inst.)
8.Hidden Ferocity