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SUKKUBA Woman ≠ Human Digi CD

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SUKKUBA Woman ≠ Human Digi CD Rus COY 202-19
Third album of Russian Goregrind / Brutal Death metal. Antifeminist mysogynical violent stuff.
For fans of Jig-Ai, Devourment, CBT, Last Days of Humanity

01. Bodypositive concentration camp
02. Feminism Dangles in a Noose of Women's Rights
03. Gaswagen - the best place for my EX
04. Placenta-Grill
05. Ceasar's sexdrive
06. Prove your love with a loan
07. We will close the Cuniversity
08. Menstruality
09. She saved her pussy for the grave
10. The Fetus is hanging on the umbilical cord (woman who loves harakiri)
11. Rape me - Marry me
12. Openveinsfucker
13. Alimonies are a girl's best friends
14. Hidden Track

Third full length album by one of the Russian leaders of humorous gore porno philosophic grind SUKKUBA! Original conception of this album is struggle with
exaggerated aggressive feministic influences in the modern human society! This masterpiece of brutal art will help you to answer the question: «Is woman a human or just his pet?» Recommended for fans FERALIMINAL LYCANTHROPIZER and many other humorous gore and porno grind bands, people with sense of humor and self-irony! Not recommended: for hypocrites, persistent puritans and dismal assholes!