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SICK MORGUE Festering in a Cesspool of Human Flesh CD Out now !!!

12.00 - On Sale

SICK MORGUE Festering in a Cesspool of Human Flesh CD Mex COY 251-21
3rd album Slam Monsters from Mexico !

1. Sinister Bells
2. Festering in a Cesspool of Human Flesh
(Ft. Damian DrDeath Of Goreatorium)
3. Cyber Mutant Predator Humiliated
4. Caguama Slam Family
5. Butchering Bodies In The Fields
6. Invaders of Humanity Created
in a Dark Morgue
7. Riffs Full Of Zeroes
8. Cavernous Noises Inside His Head
9. Death From The North
10. Assasination At Mass
11. 5 Crazy Festering Imbecils
Bonus tracks:
12. Take The Machete
(Ft. Mauro Ramirez Of Visceral Decay)
13. SickMorgue - Vicoce Oseal Fibroma
- Disgorge

releases September 15, 2021

All music composed and arranged by: Walter Glover & Chuy Grinder
Lyrics by: Chuy Grinder Producer: Walter Glover Recorded in Villa Unión recs
(house of cevichectomy) and mixed at El Cuarto Studio by José Osuna
Cover design: Kroms Art Layout by Abysmal
Band Photo: LayHel's study Adittional vocal on: “Festering In A Cesspool Of Rotten Flesh”:
Damian DrDeath Vocals for Goreatorium. Adittional vocal on: Take The Machete:
Mauro Ramírez from Insalubrity. Adittional vocal on: Riff Full of Zeroes: Fernanda Mtz