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SANGUINARY EXECUTION Slowly Torment Towards Death CD/T-shirt/Chopper

10.00 - On Sale

SANGUINARY EXECUTION Slowly Torment Towards Death
Our world is changing every day! There are many changes in different areas of life - economy, politics,
social sphere, ecology, etc. But there are things that don't change over the years. One of these is the creativity of
projects of The famous Ecuadorian musician Carlos De La Vega! His most brutal and non-commercial death metal! And
again,it will be a new album by SANGUINARY EXECUTION called "Slowly Torment Towards Death"! Again and again we have
the most powerful, uncompromising brutal death metal for fans of SANGUINARY EXECUTION, GASTRORREXIS, GORGASM, early
SEVERE TORTURE and others.
2.Eternal Abyss Putrefaction
3.Strangled And Disfigured In Acid
4.Bloody Ritual Of Extirpation
5.Degraded Hate Of Mutilation
6.Humiliated Raped And Beheaded
7.Perpetuated Impalement Torture
8.Drag With Hooks
9.Disappear Corpses
10.Destroyed Throat