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PURULENT JACUZZI Natural method of turning to dust CD NEW !!!

12.00 - On Sale

PURULENT JACUZZI Natural method of turning to dust COY 237-21 Black Death Grind Core

Having recovered from all the atrocities of mankind at the stage of creating the material for this pedestal of hatred, having absorbed all the melancholic cold, all anger towards the human race and inhuman moods leading to the Natural Method of Turning to Dust - the new album of Purulent Jacuzzi has visited this world. There is no a single centimeter of this material that isn’t saturated with hatred for everything that breathes and bears the name of Man. Natural apathy for those who have retired deep into winter forests and a charge of primordial evil. It's all here on one CD.

1. Make a wish the star is falling... and a crescent moon
2. Raise the horns, not bend the knee
3. Pigs at war with adepts of the most peaceful religion
4. Venom's black metal matter
5. Not enough suffering
6. Listen to your heart (it tells what to sing in chorus)
7. Walpurgis goat sabbath
8. From bell towers to the ground
9. Master of desires
10. Black art of whites
11. Cry for A.D.
12. Flame dancing on the mounds of enemies
13. Sepolektrum mobile
14. Natural method of turning to dust
15. Orphan ceremonial rapist
16. Pentagram and wood (satanic warmaster cover)