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PULVERISED CRANIAL MATTER Brutality Begets Brutality CD and Digi CD New !!!

12.00 - On Sale

PULVERIZED CRANIAL MATTER Brutality Begets Brutality CD and Limited 100 copies Digi CD Aus COY 241-21

1. Gore Scene Clean Up
2. Innards Outed
3. Slut Kunting Whore
4. Pulverised Cranial Matter
5. Everywhere, There Is Blood
6. Cut, Stabbed, Sliced, Diced
7. The Pain You Will Feel
8. Mutilate By Self Hate
9. Pleading To Stop

Project by member of Intense Hammer Rage called PULVERIZED CRANIAL MATTER with their debut album «Brutality Begets Brutality»! This band can be called the pioneers of the style techno-slamming –brutal-death metal! If you are a fan of INTENSE HAMMER RAGE, TERMINALLY YOUR ABORTED GHOST and fancy brutal stuff with frequent changes of rhythms and styles, you should like this album!

releases April 10, 2021

Ricey, Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Jim, Drums
Recorded in bits and pieces between June and October 2020
Recorded, mixed and mastered (poorly) by Jim, in Jim's back Bedroom
Artwork by Denumbra artworks