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LOGISTIC SLAUGHTER Corrosive Ethics CD / T-shirt / Sweatshirt / Hoodie

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Formed in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2009 by friends Michael Flory (guitar) and Kendric DiStefano (drums), Logistic Slaughter began their pursuit of creating distinctively visceral Death Metal. The later additions of Kayvan Safdari (bass) and Jeremy Scott (vocals) provided the abilities to realize their debut full-length "Corrosive Ethics". The album is defined by an emphasis on savage grooves, atonal melodies, and a crushing low end. These create an atmosphere that nods to the raw power of Old School Death Metal and Grind, but provides the technical and rhythmic sensibility of modern Brutal Death Metal.
For fans of Wormed, Gorguts, Cattle Decapitation, Vomit the Soul, and Gorgasm.

1. Banality of Murder
2. Cathartic Killing
3. A Horrendous Epiphany
4. In Devout Servitude
5. Inherently Vile
6. Carnal Tyranny
7. Over Pestilent Soil
8. Liege Above Reproach
9. Snares and Tribunal

T-shirt Black S/M/L/XL Fruit of the loom
Sweatshirt Black S/M/XXL Fruit of the loom
Hoodie Black S/M/XL Fruit of the loom