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ONICECTOMY-Drowning For SalvationCD/MORTAL TORMENT-ResuscitationCD

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ONICECTOMY Drowning For Salvation CD Ita COY 105-11 Brutal Death with Slam elements

1.Brain Pressure Breaking Skull
2.Burned Heart Extirpation
3.Tears purifying ways of scarifice
4.Huma Flesh dressing
5.Virgin woman cannibalistic ritual
6.I Hope you Die
7.Sins piercing impaled wombs
8.Falling to the cannibal butchery
9.Drowning for salvation

COY 104-11 MORTAL TORMENT Resuscitation CD Gre Debut Album
Greece Brutal Death Maniacs

1.Amphetamine Murder
2.Exhumed Tormentors
3.Chainsaw Revenge
4.Decomposition In Vomit
5.Mortal torment
7.Infernal Audium Schizophrenia
9.Carnivorous Surgery