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MORTEM Filicide Digi CD+DVD / TAPE - NEW !

10.00 - On Sale

MORTEM Filicide Digi CD+DVD COY 280 - 23
He who does not remember the past has no future! There are a great many variants of this phrase, but the meaning is the same! Everything always started somewhere, and it must be remembered! COYOTE RECORDS does not forget about this simple truth either! Another reissue of death metal classics is being prepared for release in the form of the second full-format album by the Moscow-based band MORTEM called "Filicide", originally released in 2000. It doesn't make much sense to talk about what kind of music is on this album and how legendary and epoch-making the band that released it is! It is worth noting only the technical aspects of the reissue – it will be an 8-panel digi-pack with a bonus DVD, which includes three concerts from the Belarusian tour of the band! Also, an extensive line of merch is planned for the reissue! For those who are still for some reason not familiar with the work of the band, I will say that their music will be a great gift for fans of old-school death metal in the spirit of early CANNIBAL CORPSE! Don't miss it – the portal to the past opens in February 2023!
1.Cut Throat
2.Internal Organs For Sale
3.Addiction To Sexual Slaughter (Part 2)
4.Fetus Mutilation
5.Rectum Irritation
6.Eaten By Fish
8.Unbearable Reek