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MORTEM Death Is My Name LP (Vinyl 3 Colors) -Pre-Order

25.00 - On Sale

MORTEM Death Is My Name - Pre-Order Open!!!
Vinyl and Merch Release Date May 13, 2024!
Gatefold LP (100 copies) Black
Gatefold LP (65 copies) Orange Yellow Marbled
Gatefold LP (65 copies) Black Red Splatter
The third album of pioneers of the Burtal Death of Russia!!!!!!!!!
First time on vinyl! And also CD and Cassette versions !
The release will also be released in limited wooden boxes of 25 copies. And numbered!
Death Is My Name (2002)
1.Have You Ever Killed? 3:27
2.Fresh Human Meat 4:20
3.My Name Is Death 4:11
4.Coroner`s Report 2:46
5.Oozing Yellow Slime 3:41
6.Just Blood (Is It A Crime?) 3:39
7.Bifurcation Of The Person 3:30
8.Confession Of The Serial Killer 2:57
9.Death 0:43