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LACERATORY Extermination of the Dissidents CD and T-shirt

12.00 - On Sale

LACERATORY Extermination of the Dissidents COY 219-20 Slam Brutal Death

1. Bathed In Entrails
2. Perverse Sickness
3. Extermination of the Dissidents
4. Slice The Throat Of The Rapist
5. King Of The Maggots
6. Peripheral Slaughter
7. Blood Infestation
8. Intestinal Engorgement
releases August 1, 2020

Laceratory is a Brutal Death Metal / Slam band was formed in 2018 and was founded in Minneapolis, MN US. With other members from New Zealand / Spain / New York. Heavily influenced by groups such as Prostitute Disfigurement, Dying Fetus, Devourment, Epicardiectomy, Septycal Gorge, Extermination Dismemberment.

John - Vocals (Chalice of Suffering, Solemn Echoes)
Eric Ogar Baumgard - Drums (Septicemic, Face of Oblivion, Glutton for Punishment)
Rod - Guitars (Arthropodal Humanicide, Putreseminal Viscosity, Scrumptious Putrescence)
Bones Burlace - Guitars (Disembowling the Limbless)
Samgar Ragmas - Bass (Kryptococcus, Antipathy, Imminent Peril)

Minneapolis, MN / New York – USA / New Zealand / Spain

T-shirt Black M/L/XL/XXL - Gildan