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INTESTINAL PESTILENCE Rotten Cadaver Forsaken CD NEW !!!

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INTESTINAL PESTILENCE Rotten Cadaver Forsaken CD Mex COY 254-21

1 Forensic Invocation
2 Through Defleshed Stench
3 Brutally Torn Apart
4 Feast into the Putrescent
5 Rotten Cadaver Forsaken
6 Exhuming the Disemboweled
7 Swine Storm (The Grinder Season)
8 Slamming the Shattered Deceased
9 Your Mangled Body - Cover Purulent Jacuzzi
10 Staph Terrorist - Cover Impetigo
releases November 15, 2021

Mexican Slam Brutal Death / Debut Album
Art - Armaada Art

Intestinal Pestilence is a Brutal Death / GoreGrind band from León, Guanajuato. Mexico. They were formed at the end of 2017 with former members of other bands from the local scene, Carlos Juárez -Guitars- (Serpent's Blood, Satan, Crowndeath), Rafa Esqueda -Drums- (Cisticerko), Luis Rojas “Venezuela” - Bass- (Leviathan, Nocturnal - from Venezuela-), Jonathan Carrillo “El Cholo” -Vocals- (Crowndeath), with influences from bands like Suffocation, Katalepsy, Napalm Death, Disgorge (Us and Mex), Abominable Putridity, Extermination Dismemberment, Terrorizer, Brutal Truth, among others.

The band began to work on a new proposal that was different from the previous bands of the members, influenced by bands from the old and current school of Death Metal, Gore, Grind, they compacted the musical ideas to prepare their first full-length album.

After several live performances and at festivals of Death, Grind, Gore, the band goes on to record their first live direct single "Rotten Cadaver Forsaken" which received good acceptance by the audio listening scene in Mexico and other countries. The session was recorded at Kunak Records studios in the city of León, Gto. Mexico, and promoted on social networks Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

The band continues to promote its single live on online radio stations, fanzines and live events, distributing official merchandise such as t-shirts in 2 different versions and receiving invitations from international festivals to perform live.

The members decide to take a break because of the pandemic, already in quarantine they concentrate on planning the album, as well as the album cover and new merchandise for promotion.

At the beginning of October 2020 Intestinal Pestilence enters the studio to record his full-length album "Rotten Cadaver Forsaken" at the studios -Zombie Music Warehouse- in his hometown by Yared "Bloodrain" guitarist and founder of the death metal band "Bloodrain". Production was finished in mid-December 2020.

The album cover was in charge of the illustrator Andreas Christanetoff, recognized for his covers of bands such as Abominable Putridity, Aborted, Kranium, Vulvodynia, Acrania, The Dark Prison Massacre, Acranius, Guttural Slug, Extermination Dismemberment, to name a few.

Currently Intestinal Pestilence is waiting to sign with a record label for the launch and promotion of their album and continue with the realization of a new Full Length Album.