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INCURABLE Self-Burial Digi CD

15.00 - On Sale

Limited Edition 300 copies !
There is never much good brutal death metal! This undoubtedly true statement is guided by representatives of the westernmost region of Russia – the Kaliningrad region – the INCURABLE band! On their debut album “ Self-burial “, the guys present to the listener the most powerful classic brutal death metal in its purest and most immaculate form! Frequent rhythm changes, slightly dirty low sound, truly sepulchral vocals create a unique atmosphere of true, not disfigured by newfangled trends of brutal death metal! A boiling brew for fans of DEVOURMENT, SINTURY, early DERANGED, HOUWITSER, SUFFOCATION etc. Release date on COYOTE RECORDS 02/17/2024!

1 Suffer! 3.20
2 Genocide 3.30
3 Empty eyes 3.35
4 Suffocation 4.16
5 Virus 3.21
6 Inhumanity 3.30
7 Self-burial 3.17
8 Sacrifice 4.14