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IMPURE VIOLATION Lust in a vulgar display of violence CD

Morbid brutality from the depths of Western Australia is finally coming out! Atrocious guitar riffs, insane drums, inhuman vocals and obscure atmosphere will not leave you indifferent. Featuring guest performances from members of Devangelic, Infecting the Swarm, Entrails Eradicated, Omnioid and Neurogenic. A real must have for all fans of nowaday brutal death metal!

1.Unfathomable Depths Of Denial Unto Psychosis
2.Lust In A Vulgar Display Of Violence
3.Suffering Within The Realm Of Illusion
4.Birth Of The Harlequin Atrocity
5.Children In Decay
6.Semi-Conscious Autopsy
7.Celestial Plains Of Non-Existence
8.Scriptures Of Sacrificial Warfare
9.Religion Of The Impure 04:59
10.Carrion Of The Void

UNG-008 Ungodly Ruins Productions © 2015
releases 31 March 2015

INTENSE HAMMER RAGE Better to kil than listen to this CD

Legendary twisted brutal gore madness since 1994! Brand new album "Better to Kill Than Listen to This"! Heaviest shredding, complicated but structured drum parts and four sick vocals! Awesome mix of brutal death and grindcore with some smashing slam riffing! Massive sound of this perfect piece of brutality will split your skull in half! Recorded, mixed and mastered by Joe Haley from Psycroptic at CrawlSpace Productions. Do not miss this sickness!

Release date:2015
Label:Ungodly Ruins Productions

1. Eeeuuw What's That Goo
2. Reach Out and Cut Someone
3. LSD and an Uzi
4. An In Jail Tale
5. I Couldn't Explain the Torture
6. The Taste I Left in Your Mouth
7. Ballad of a Burn Victim
8. Killed Two Birds and Only I Was Stoned
9. Things Done Behind Closed Doors
10. The Reward I Think Will Be the Dead


technical death metal from Mexico for all fans of Necrophagist, Spawn Of Possession and
Obscura. Their debut effort "Metanoien" will be excellent ballance of beauty
and cruelty. Severe dark riffs often shifting with stunning melodies,
explosive solos, amazing drum work and killer vocals. Conceptual lyrics will
make you plunge into the mystery of the beginning of the end.
Ger ready for pure chaos.