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HAIL CALIGULA Mortiis Hominum CD

12.00 - On Sale

The South American origin of one or another brutal band will always subconsciously arouse the interest of fans of this kind of music. So the Chilean quartet HAIL CALIGULA justifies the expectations placed on it 100 percent! On their second full-length album, "Mortiis Hominum", they play a powerful mix of brutal death and slamming brutal death metal with the predominance of the former. At the same time, quite interesting and overly brutal compositions will delight the tortured ears of fans of asphalt rinks and remind you of such teams as DEVOURMENT, BOWEL STEW, SINTURY, LACERATORY, etc. Release date on COYOTE RECORDS 02/05/2024!

1.Prelude To Atrocities 02:48
3.Eroticized By Repugnance
4.Mangled, Entangled & Strangled
5.Fornicating With Stakes
6.Scorched Entrails
7.Cult Of Defloration (Bacha Bazi)
8.Fecal Pleasures
9.Forensick Disembowelment