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GORE DIMENSION Ethereal Realm CD/Digi CD/Tape/TS/LS NEW !!!

12.00 - On Sale

GORE DIMENSION Ethereal Realm CD/Digi CD/Tape/T-shirt/Longsleeve
COY 245-21 Turkish Technical Brutal Death and Slam Elements
Digi CD limited 100 cop.
TAPE limited 50 cop.

01. Intro
02. Summoning for the Endless Obliteration
03. Roots of Unmerciful
04. Reborn From Abstract
05. I Savor Like Entrails of Mad Children
06. Fradulent Memoriam
07. Drawned and Suffocated
08. Agateophobia
09. Devouring the Gods
10. Outro

The cover of our first debut album "Ethereal Realm" is a work of Polish sick painter Zdzisław Beksiński (RIP), who drew his sick dreams. Special thanks to ''Historical Museum in Sanok'' for the artwork.
releases April 10, 2021

Vox - Yunus Efe
Guitars - Ateş Baran Tüzün & Emre Bingöl
Bass Ertu Gozoglu
Drums - Eren Gürsoy