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COYOTE RECORDS warns and presents! Soon the brutal world will see a new genetically enhanced creation called GENERAL FIBROSIS! There is no doubt about the strength of health and physical strength of this hybrid creature, since its genes are taken from such strong individuals as ENEMY CRUCIFICATION, Psychosurgical Intervention, Disobedience! As a result of hybridization, a powerful ensemble in the style of slamming brutal death metal appeared for fans of bands such as Ingested, Analepsy, Extermination Dismemberment , Traumatomy and so on! And their debut album titled "Crossbreed Generation" will be released soon!

General Fibrosis – Crossbreed Generation

Artem Zurnadzhiev – Vocal
Kirill Pobozhenskiy – Guitar
Roman Kartashev – Guitar
Viktor Chipko – Bass
Klim Makarov – Drums

1 - Impact Is Imminent
2 - Cremated Lords Of Inhumanity
3 - Carnivore
4 - Godless Absorption
5 - Cranial Implant
6 - Neurogenic Cruelty
7 - Despised Sanctum
8 - Crossbreed Generation

Logo by Erick Skinwalker and supported by Fear and Sorrow Design
Photo by Sergio Penzenskiy
Art by Armaada Art
Layout by Ungodly Graphics
Vocal recording by Amin Shadmanov
Guitar, Bass and Drums recordings by Redneck Studio
Mixing and Mastering by Pro Heroes Studio
Impact Is Imminent by Dmitriy Ustinov
Guest Vocal in Cranial Implant by Sergey Kulikov from Axiomatic Dematerialization
Guest Vocal in Neurogenic Cruelty by Kirill Zarubin from Traumatomy
Label – Coyote Records