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FOETAL FLUIDS TO EXPURGATE In Need Of Cadavers: Confessions Of A Medical Examine CD OUT NOW !

12.00 - On Sale

FOETAL FLUIDS TO EXPURGATE In Need Of Cadavers: Confessions Of A Medical Examine CD
Date Release 18 March 2024 !
If you love the old-fashioned uncompromising stuffing gore grind, then the second full-length release of the FOETAL FLUIDS TO EXPURGATE project by musicians BOWEL STEW, HEPOTIMANCY, etc. titled "In Need Of Cadavers: Confessions Of A Medical Examiner" what the doctor ordered! The fattest piece of meat, as if chopped with a cleaver into three dozen steak tracks, will undoubtedly appeal to everyone who is a fan of their first album, as well as from bands like early CARCASS, REGURGITATE, DEAD INFECTION, MALIGNANT TUMOR, LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY, SQUASH BOWELS!

The foetal fluids are expurgated by:
Nico - guitars and vocals
Rick - drums

Recorded by FFTE at Toxic Basement Studio on November 10, 11 and 12 and December 12 2023. All songs decomposed by FFTE. Mixed and mastered by Carlo Altobelli at Toxic Basement Studio during December 2023 and January 2024. Produced by FFTE and Coyote Records.

1 Spontaneous Stomach Perforation
2 Necrotizing Fungal Infection
3 Hung By Purulent Intestines
4 Septic Inflammatory Diarrhoea
5 Liquefaction Of Cadaveric Remains
6 Neurogenic Bowel Dysfunction
7 Rusted Takahashi Forceps
8 Gastrointestinal Gas Explosion
9 Cremated Cephalothoracopagus
10 Rotten Amniotic Sac In Utero
11 Conjoined At The Torso
12 A Rancid Pile Of Flesh And Cartilage
13 Exhumation Of An Ulcerated Foetus
14 Severe Malformations Of The Skull
15 Dicephalus Tetrabrachius Dipus
16 Parasitic Worm Infestation
17 The Tuskegee Study Of Untreated Syphilis
18 Providing Cadavers For Dissection
19 Congenital Birth Defects
20 Blood Vomiting Asphyxiation
21 Tumescent Testicular Torsion
22 Surgical Operating Theater
23 Extensive Cerebral Damage
24 Severe Mercury Poisoning
25 Pungent Odour Of Decaying Tissues
26 Fused At The Head And Thorax
27 Grotesque Giant Faecaloma
28 Post-Mortem Skin Rupture
29 The Purging Of Decomposition Fluids
30 Infectious Bowel Maceration
31 Chronic Regurgitation Of Suppurated Offal
32 Traumatic Genital Mutilation
33 Adipocerous Embalment
34 Saponification Of A Mummified Body
35 Pus-Filled Vaginal Cavity
36 Septicemic Verminous Abscess
37 Voracious Bacterial Activity
38 Bubonic Plague Injection
39 Spermatic Vein Thrombosis
40 Sacrificial Anthropophagia