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FERALIMINAL LYCANTHROPIZER Anal conception of the dominant female CD -NEW

12.00 - On Sale

Coyote records presents the newest album "Anal conception of the dominant female" of the Yaroslavl porn mountains of grander FERALIMINAL LYCANTHROPIZER. The album will be released on November 7, 2022!!!
1. Sexual fantasies of a foolish young naturalist
2. Collective pacification of an aggressive masochist
3. Obscene teachings of an elderly pedophile
4. The mysterious disappearance of hemorrhoidal plaques
5. Karmic punishment of an imposing voyeur
6. Innocent pranks of a hallway scat terrorist
7. Fatal somersault of a lustful disabled
8. Methodology for detecting latent homosexuality
9. Oral execution of a compassionate sadist
10. Tragic consequences of rectal pollution
11. Faecal kleptomaniac family troubles
12. Ritual abstinence from senile incontinence
13. Unbearable suffering of a homophobic makeup artist