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ENEMY CRUCIFIXION Сон CD Rus COY 220-20 New Album Moscow Technical Brutal Machine

1.Intro 01:37
2.Core of Humanity 03:01
3.Disgod 04:09
4.Silence of the Sinners 03:20
5.The Enemy 03:32
6.Blind 03:37
7.Island 04:37
8.Swarm Whispers 03:28
9.Infertility 04:07
10.Victim 03:01

Coyote Records keeps up with the times and present one of the strongest and most relevant releases of 2020! New album of Moscow technical death metal machine ENEMY CRUCIFICTION «С.O.H. – Core Of Humanity»! if your core reaches critical mass through the bands like DEVOURED ARKAIK, BENEATH THE MASSACRE, CYTOTOXIN, JOB FOR A COWBOY, PSYCROPTIC, VULVODYNIA and so on, this album is what you really need! OUT NOW ON COYOTE RECORDS!