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DISACT Statecrusher CD OUT NOW!

$10.00 - On Sale

COY 142-14

New death/grind attack from Togliatti, Russia!
Fast and ruthless madness for all fans of early Misery Index!

2. Deadfolk Only Knows (Colt’s )
3. Happskeytr
4. New Hate Shape
5. Traveling Bullet Syndrome (Desert Eagle)
6.Weapon To Working Class (ТТ)
7. Shadows
8. Puppets On Leading Roles
9. Social Skill Conduct
10. They Cant read But they can shoot
11. W.A.T.W
12. This Police
13. Democracy
14. Drop the Cop
15. Song For Underground
17. Demons
18. Defend or Defeat
19. Deeds Of State
20. Sense Of Destruction
21. Meat Reality
22. Liberal Pigs
23. Sinistrality
24. Hopeless Angry Confused
25. Police State (Agnostic Front cover)
26. Freezing Moon (Mayhem cover)

RUSSELL – Bass Division
PALYCH – 7String Noise
NICKDISACT – Blastbeats

Album was Statecrushed at Denis Ivanov Studio, Togliatti, July – December 2013,
Sound, Mastering, Mixing by Denis Ivanov

Artwork by Ajandar