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DEATH VOMIT Death Vomit LP (Vinyl 3 Colors) -Pre-Order

26.00 - On Sale

Open Pre-Order ! Date Release 3/18/2024 !
DEATH VOMIT Death Vomit Vinyl 3 Colors
Gatefold LP (168 copies) Black
Gatefold LP (66 copies) Green Black Marbled
Gatefold LP (66 copies) Violet Black Marbled
If you do not remember the glorious past, then there will be no decent future! COYOTE RECORDS knows this old truth perfectly well and has been following it for more than the first time! A new release in the retro style awaits us in the near future! The reissue of the legendary 1993 album of the same name by the Moscow death metal formation DEATH VOMIT is coming very soon! Gorgeous death metal at the junction of Cannibal Corpse and Napalm Death (sample of the album "Utopia Banished" 1992) was performed by Russian death metal heroes! The reissue is well worthy of this legendary release: Digipack CD, three-color vinyl and cassette tapes in a slipcase! Merch is also planned in the form of T-shirts, longsleeves and hoodies! And besides, 25 killer packs will be presented, which will include: vinyl, T-shirt, beanie, poster, embroidered logo patch and a cut-out metal pin! A great reason to remember the origins of the Russian extreme scene and a great opportunity to add to your collection!