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CRIMINAL ELEMENT Abuse Of Power CD/Slipcase Edition CD/Tape - NEW

12.00 - On Sale

CRIMINAL ELEMENT Abuse Of Power COY 272-22
In this difficult year in every sense, there are still joyful and expected events! And among such events - the release of a new studio album by the stellar death metal team of the world, if I may say so, under called CRIMINAL ELEMENT! The creation will be called "Abuse Of Power"! Musical material of the future album it will be a rather technically confused and musically very diverse death metal (and the other with such a composition of participants and can not be)!! Among them Kevin Talley (drummer of DYING FETUS / MISERY INDEX), Dmitry Orlov and Denis Akulshin (respectively, vocals and bass FETAL DECAY), etc. At various times, the musicians SUFFOCATION and DECREPIT BIRTH also took part! What audience this album is intended, needless to say! Although we can say - to the widest circle of death metal fans!