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CORPSE WORSHIP Necroresonance -Pack Boxes

29.00 - On Sale

No sooner had the white-hot muSICK players cooled down from the debut full-lenght album of the young, and noble Kostroma Swedish Death Metal brigade CORPSE WORSHIP under the artistic direction of legendary drummer Thanatoly Chebotar (BARBARITY, ex-MORTIFER, etc.), as the second album threatens to cause at least no less resonance, and to be precise "Necroresonance"! That's what the second studio album of this super project will be called! I think it will be superfluous the mention of the target affiliation of the material - like the debut album, it is sharply aimed at the audience of the old-school Eurodeath "Sun Light - way" in general, and fans of such bands as DISMEMBER, GRAVE, PAGANIZER, ENTOMBED, BARBARITY and, of course, the CORPSE WORSHIP itself, of which the project has quite a few thanks to the brightest debut!
Pack 1 - CD/TS+Poster and Sticker = 29
Pack 2 - CD/TS/Cap+Poster and Sticker = 46
Pack 3 - CD/TS/Cap/Patch+Poster and Sticker = 51
Pack 4 - CD/TAPE/TS/Cap/Patch+Poster and Sticker =58
Pack 1.2 - DIGI CD/TS+Poster and Sticker = 31
Pack 2.2 - DIGI CD/TS/Cap+Poster and Sticker = 48
Pack 3.2 - DIGI CD/TS/Cap/Patch+Poster and Sticker =53
Pack 4.2 - DIGI CD/TAPE/TS/Cap/Patch+Poster and Sticker = 60
Pack 5 (MAX)- CD/DIGI CD/TAPE/TS/Cap/Patch+Poster and Sticker = 68
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