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COBENTRICE Interdimensional Abhorrent Conquest CD

10.00 - On Sale

Date Release 17 June 2024
Colombian brutal trio COBENTRICE is on the warpath with the eardrums of listeners for the third time! The third full-length clot of tooth-crushing brutal music was called "Interdimensional Abhorrent Conquest" and is still the same crazy mix of brutal death, gore grind and slamming brutal as the last album of 2021. The Colombian origin makes itself felt again and guarantees the high quality of the material! Still, strong recommendations to fans of AMPUTATED GENITALS, MATANZA, TU CARNE, AVULSED, PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT, CREPITATION, CEREBRAL EFFUSION, etc.!

1. Rot Resonance
2. Excoriating Cosmic Corpus
3. Gorestorm
4. Vortex Contract
5. The Extermination Protocol
6. Astral Harvest
7. Bizmark Apocalypse
8. Deltathotep
9. Bloodshed Cuasar
10. Tetracefalus
11. Devouring Your Soul
12. Cubensis Sherbet II
13. Gory Splatter Decay
14. Molecular Meltdown