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CERVICECTOMY Gorezilla CD Ind COY 266 - 22
Number 22 for the brutal scene has a magical meaning! For this time indian guys from CERVICECTOMY are going to suкprise us with their debut album "Gorezilla"! Unbelieveble, but these good-natured and peace-loving guys play very aggressive and powerful slamming brutal death metal in the best traditions of following bands: DEVOURMENT, EPICARDIECTOMY, CEPHALOTRIPSY, CEREBRAL INCUBATION, TRAUMATOMY and so on! 22 March 2022 on COYOTE RECORDS!

1.The Coming 03:55
2.The Onset Of Cosmic Montrosity 03:21
3.Death And Gore Is The Game 03:11
4.Mad Titan 02:30
5.Dirty 02:58
6.Galumphing Bastards For Fun 02:02
7.Heinous Addiction Of More Flesh 02:22
8.Pool Of Maggots And Blood 02:43
9.Carnivorous perversion repeats 04:45