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BRODEQUIN Harbinger Of Woe Digipack CD/TAPE

12.00 - On Sale

Limited Digipack with 16 page booklet! 300 copies!
Limited TAPE with 10 page booklet ! 100 copies!
Full-color, double-sided UV printed cassette
An event is coming that is significant for the world's brutal scene to the same extent as, say, the Holy Inquisition for world history! The American brutal chroniclers of BRODEQUIN reveal to the world the fourth chapter of their brutal narrative about the inquisitorial horrors of the Middle Ages! And it's name is "Harbinger Of Woe"! Needless to say, the new full-length creation of the band is the cruelest high-speed brutal death metal of the highest class and is recommended to fans of the dark pages of history, fans of BRODEQUIN, INTERNAL SUFFERING, DISGORGE, AMPUTATED GENITALS and others, as well as teams of road workers hammering old asphalt with jackhammers! Coming soon on TUNEFORCE Records!
License Season Of Mist