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BOWEL STEW Putridarium CD/Tape/T-shirt/Hoodie

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Bowel Stew “Putridarium" CD

1 Scalped alive with a bone awl
2 Penis-mortifying cilice
3 Teratomorphic fetal encystment
4 Umbilical cord strangulation
5 Pile of human mummified remains
6 Crepitant skeletal disarticulation
7 Putridarium: ubi pus, ibi evacua
8 Fecal embalment of the vaginal cavity
9 Slowly we rot (Obituary cover) *

Bowel Stew is:
Riccardo (drums)
Omar (guitars)
Vanni (bass)
Ambro (vomit)
releases February 22, 2020

Produced by Bowel Stew and Coyote Records.
All songs written, arranged and decomposed by Bowel Stew, except for "Slowly we rot" originally by Obituary.
Recorded by Bowel Stew at Toxic Basement Studio, Carate Brianza (Italy), on November 9th, 10th, 16th and 17th, 2019.
Mixed, engineered and mastered at Toxic Basement Studio in November 2019.
Cover artwork by Armaada Art.

Samples taken from: "Un gatto nel cervello" (1990), directed by Lucio Fulci; "The Manson family" (1997), directed by Jim Van Bebber; "Gator green" (2013), directed by Jim Van Bebber; "Phantasm II" (1988), directed by Don Coscarelli.

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