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BOWEL STEW - Necrocoital Amputorgy CD / T-shirts(3 last cop)

$10.00 - On Sale

The second CD for 15 years of existence. Will be a little, you will tell? Do not hurry up to pour bile on the tomb of objectivity - just these three criminals from the Italian province Lombardy very busy two-legged animals. To dig out dead people by moonlight nights - the extremely nervous job, you know…

But now Italian sickoids have prepared for you on slow fire some fresh dishes of rawest death-grind with the sounding similar to an outcome of gases from Silvio Berlusconi’s anal hole! Atmosphere of all-consuming horror from old black-white giallo, howl full of fleas werewolves, a crunch of picked edges…. So many delicacies, and all this tasty shit - for you!

1.Necrocoital Amputorgy
2.Erotic Nights Of The Living Dead
3.Horrorwhore / Sadoasylum
4.Sacrificial Defleshing Of The Gangrenous
5.Biastophiliac Disembowelment
6.Defecate To Masticate
7.Placentophagical Abortorium
8.Sexorcistic Evisceration
9.Maggot Debridement Of Necrotic Vaginal Lesions
10.Lucker The Necrophagous
11.Curse Of The Werewhore
12.Acrotomophiliac Rituals Of Gynophagia

T-shirt M/L/XL each 1 cop !!!