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7 H.TARGET Fast-Slow Demolition DIGI-CD

Image of 7 H.TARGET Fast-Slow Demolition DIGI-CD

$12.00 - On Sale

7 H.TARGET is a brutal tornado from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.
A gnash of metal and a roar of falling buildings.
A reconstruction of technogenic tragism.
The thirst of destruction born by visions about the Tetsuo-man,
turned into metal monster from super-cult Japanese «cyber-punk»
«Tetsuo – The Iron Man».

Get ready for innovative psychotropic TXDM in it’s best display!

1.Transmutation Energy Machine
3.Metal + Flesh
5.The World Is Mine
6.Vortex Coming With Tetsuo
7.Hara-Kiri Torture Mechanism
8.The Helicopter Attack
10.Japan Body Hammer
11.+ Energy - Life
12.World Transformation